The New Erogenous Zone
Author: Mystik

“Training” equals a Dominant’s FANTASY WORLD.

I have been told that there are some things that have no training value. HELLO? Well, that’s a mystery to me! BDSM is not a cult or a church. It is a way of RELATING between those involved. NO other opinions matter. Whatever a Dominant’s fantasies are, and whatever he/she wants the submissive to learn, THAT has value. So it can be ANYTHING. (I will speak of Master/slave, but it could equally be Mistress/slave.)

“Training” can merely be a demand for submission in the bedroom. It can also be LONG-TERM.

What follows regards a long-term relationship, and the POTENTIALS of that relationship.


“Training” equals “these are My fantasies, and these are the submissive’s challenges.”

“Training” equals “I am going to teach you how to READ MY MIND.”

Yes, “to read My mind.” Couples complain that their partner doesn’t know what is wanted or needed at certain times. I believe that the most successful training proceeds from a Master’s commanding the slave to SPEAK HER MIND AT ALL TIMES. (CAUTION: This requires a GREAT Master!)

Wait. If she speaks her mind at all times, doesn’t this amount to giving commands? NO! She has no desire to command. But when something feels SO good, encourage her to moan or beg for more. When you’re close, but need to do it just a little differently, she is not commanding by begging you to try it a little differently. And some submissives won’t even use safe words out of worship for their Master to do whatever He wants, so encouraging her to speak her mind says “it’s okay,” and she will be even more eager to please her (GREAT) Master.

As long as she does it in respect, this allows the Master to “read her mind,” to know exactly what and how she’s feeling. The Master already speaks His mind when and where He chooses. In this way, they are learning to “read their minds.”

If a Master defines His role as TAKING CARE OF THE SLAVE, what better way of taking care of her than to know WHAT she needs AT ALL TIMES? Unless, of course, there is FEAR that her freedom might THREATEN the man in some way, or the man HATES a woman as a human being. (My opinion: what a LOUSY excuse for a “Master”!)

I define a Master as someone who is so confident in Himself that NOTHING threatens Him. And if He “Masters” the woman, He “Masters” her desires. Yes, her DESIRES.

The ONLY way He can “Master” her desires is NOT to crush them out in favor of His own, but to INSPIRE her desires. The ONLY way He can do this is if He knows what she wants and needs at all times (can read her mind). And the great Master knows that His desires will STILL be MORE than satisfied.

“Training,” unfortunately, can be a “brainwashing.” I don’t believe in doing it, but if a slave doesn’t mind, that’s her decision to make. If a man is threatened by her having her own personality with her own opinions, however, I suspect the Dominant of an INFERIORITY COMPLEX. For example, if she likes a show on T. V. that her Master doesn’t like (and she wants to take time out to watch it), this does NOT present a threat to her respect and worship of her Master. Ultimately, if this man is insecure, she will merely keep such opinions to herself or lie to him, so what point is served by telling her what she can or cannot like? (EQUALS: she will still like it!)

BDSM is no mystery; it’s just another term for how best to throw off the blind, dumb, pretentious constraints of cultural prudery and reach new heights of sexual gratification.

“Training” is just another term for “keeping the channels open.” It is also a runway for the “most amazing and mind-blowing sex.” Being able to read each other’s minds can truly feel like an erogenous zone (OH YES, BABY!). There are no “authorities” on what “training” is (or what its value is) to those NOT involved in the relationship. BDSM is founded on the idea that no one can intrude on anyone’s private affairs. No one in BDSM, either, therefore, can intrude and impose artificial limitations on others. ALL training has its value (among consenting adults).

It’s a space created for one other and for one purpose: A PLACE OF PLEASURE FOR ALL INVOLVED. The possibilities are endless, so each and every day can be: a NEW EROGENOUS ZONE.
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