submissive Essays, Advice, and Knowledge

What is submission? by Castle Realm

Some Thoughts About Submission by jade

A Brave New World by jade

Forming A Solid D/s Relationship by jade

That Was So Funny! by LA

The Submissive by Skorpio

How to Spot a Non-Dominant Male
by COUNtess VelVEEta

40 Red Flags by Master Z

Ten Tips for the Novice, Single, Heterosexual, submissive Woman
by Jay Wiseman

Ten Commandments by Society of Janus

What Makes a Healthy submissive? by Yaldah Tovah, M.D.

A submissive's creed by unknown

What is subspace? by Lady Tawn

A submissive's Ethics by unknown

Some Rules - submissives by Mystre

RED as a WORD by Skorpio

Why SUBMITTING? by Skorpio

Have you Ever? by unknown

The Joys of Journaling by Kayla Kuffs

The Power of submission by rarejewel

Limitations and Personal Growth by Rover

A submissive Bill of Rights by unknown

Guidelines for Service by Sergeant Major

Guidelines for Domestic Service by Sergeant Major

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