Mystique De Lavage: The Basics of Enemas

by Norische

An enema is the procedure of introducing liquids into the bowel via the anus. Enemas can be carried out for medical reasons, as part of alternative therapies, and also for erotic purposes.

I have found there are several uses for an enema; ranging from health reasons, to means of punishment, to sensual fun…enemas are an interesting avenue to explore that can lead to new adventures and a whole new sadistic side of one’s self that you never knew existed before.

Enemas for Health Reasons

Many medical practitioners acknowledge the therapeutic benefits of enemas. The lower intestines are packed with beneficial and not so beneficial bacterium, and with the assistance of the occasional enema one can make sure the harmful bacteria does not stay within your system for an extended visit. The inclusion of mineral oils, essential oils or sea salt will assist in maintaining the delicate electrolyte balance within your body. Massage therapist and naturopathic doctors recommend enemas as a means of relaxation. The use of herbal mixtures as an enema has been done for ages; liquids introduced into the bowels are quickly absorbed into the body and hence can speed along the effects of any medicinal remedy. There are several herbs that may be beneficial when used as an enema.

Mint helps relieve gas, assist with stomach problems, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Raspberry leaves and blackberry helps with diarrhea and other flu like symptoms.

Ginger helps with nausea, morning sickness, and motion sickness.

Chamomile helps calm the nerves, aids in relaxation and sooth stress away.

Ginseng helps fight infection, and replenish energy.

Echinacea helps build the body’s immune system, and aid in healing.

These are just a few of the many beneficial herbs that can be used as an enema safely. The temperature of these types of enemas should be between 86 and 95 degrees. If you wish something to aid in cooling someone off on a hot day a nice cool enema is just the trick, although I would not recommend using ice water for this purpose, a refreshing 75 to 85 degrees is cool enough with out causing any unfortunate problems.

The use of coffee as an enema is also quite popular. Oddly enough coffee or more specifically the caffeine in the coffee aids in flushing out the toxins from the liver. As the coffee is absorbed through the intestinal walls it travels undiluted throughout the system, talk about a caffeine high, forget the caffeine pills, just take a coffee enema, you will be wide awake for some time. Just be polite, don’t ask the recipient of this enema if they wish cream and sugar.

Enemas for Alternative Therapies

Now this is a nice way of saying Punishment Enemas, without scaring someone off. A punishment enema is not like a medicinal or sensual enema, this type of enema has a category all its own. Using an enema as a form of punishment can be both good or bad depending on the individuals involved. Some individuals absolutely hate enemas, and this just cements the hatred clear to the bone. Other individuals have a fear of enemas, normally due to some early childhood experience, and a punishment enema is a great way of drawing those adolescent fears to the surface. Other individuals find an enema to be the ultimate in humiliation and almost feel as if they could die from the shear embarrassment of it all. For some it is a control issue, that by using an enema as a form of punishment, it merely assists them in the understanding that they have no control over their body, not even for the most private of functions. There are those that enjoy enemas, but would do anything in the world to avoid a punishment enema, simply because it is punishment. And there are those individuals that love enemas, any and all enemas.

The use of an enema as a form of punishment can be good because it definitely gets the point across that this is a punishment and not meant for pleasure. But I would like to caution you at this time. In order for an enema to be a punishment it must contain either physical or emotional discomfort. The emotional discomfort is normally embarrassment, shame, or fear. These are not productive emotions unless you know how to use them to your benefit, otherwise they can be traumatizing.

The area of concern I wish to express is towards the physical discomfort. There are several ways to experience physical discomfort during or as the result of an enema. However, one must do so in such a way as to not cause any true physical damage to the patient.

Using hot water, between the 110 – 113 degrees, will make the enema difficult to hold and add just enough pain to the mixture to make matters interesting.

Using ice water is also interesting, but this may create very painful cramps and make holding the enema for any length of time impossible.

Using an irritating soap will create rather explosive results, as well as lasting effects.

Utilizing a butt plug and making the individual retain the enema while standing in front of the toilet is a sadistic twist to things. Making the recipient stand merely inches away form the relief that is craved so badly adds an interesting psychological dramatic edge to things.

Now depending on how sadistic one is, there are several alternative formulas one may use for an enema.

A cold lemon water enema, (three whole lemons or 1/3 cup lemon juice mixed in 2 quarts of water) followed by a warm baking soda enema (two tablespoons baking soda dissolved in 2 quarts of water), the effects are shall I say is volcanic. Perhaps you remember the volcanoes we all created as kids using vinegar and baking soda; basically this is the same thing. This is not recommended unless you wish to scrub down your house or perform this experiment out side, and away from anyone.

Another one is a castor oil enema, the cramps from this little concoction are unlike any others, and they last for some time, again not recommended for the weak of heart or the weak of stomach.

Ivory soap enema, this one is quite popular and quite effective. The irritant in the soap will create some discomfort and cramping and perhaps a few soap bubbles for a while but it is not truly detrimental. I do however recommend a warm water enema afterward to clean out the soap or else the chemicals may become an irritant within the intestinal tract.

An Alka Seltzer enema is an interesting twist on an already unique experience. First break two alka-seltzer tablets into two pieces, and then insert each piece into the rectum. Next use 1-quart warm water, and simply wait. The best way I can explain this is a feeling as if your intestines are bubbling to death. I do not recommend this process due to its abrasive nature; it may lead to medical problems down the road that you may not wish to deal with.

Normally when you give an enema you use a small nozzle or small gauge tubing so as not to cause discomfort. During a punitive enema you may choose to utilize a larger nozzle; you can go to specialty sites on the web and pick up butt plug nozzles, or penis shaped nozzles, even inflatable nozzles… each will add to the discomfort level to some degree.

Another thing to think about is lubricant, most individuals use Vaseline or KY-Jelly as a lubricant of choice. During a punitive enema the addition of Vicks Vapor rub may be just what the sadist ordered. Again this is not what the product was designed for and may cause some problems, especially the burning desire to scrape ones butt on the floor for a while.

Large volumes of simple warm water can be quite effective as well. Most individuals can withstand 1-3 quarts of liquid being introduced into their intestines without any major problems or discomfort. However if you go to 4-6 quarts then you will find the level of discomfort to be raised quite a bit. Another interesting possibility is to give someone a 2-quart enema, employ the use of a butt plug and then proceed to give a nice paddling or spanking. This does have one or two problems with it. First with the butt plug in you are basically pounding away at the plug as you spank, now this can be interesting in itself, it can lead to sexual frustration that may make the experience more of an adventure. Second as you are pounding away you may inadvertently loosen the plug and a whole new area of inconveniences may occur, messy, messy, messy….and not to respectful of your paddle either.

Giving a punitive enema can be very effective for several reasons, but I would like to stress that it can create problems that you did not anticipate or intend to happen. If an individual has had a traumatic experience with enemas as a child then reliving that experience may be a trigger, and cause more psychological damage, hence ask questions and use your best judgment as to whether this is a viable form of punishment. Also there are some medical issues to deal with, if the solution is to hot it may scald the rectum or the intestines, leading to unnecessary and unintentional suffering. If the solution is held for too long then it can be absorbed into the body and lead to inconvenient complications such as bloating, water retention, and a vast array of other problems depending on the solution you choose to utilize. With these thoughts in mind, I stress caution whenever an individual decides to utilize enemas as part of their punishment choices.

Erotic Enemas

Just as some people find anal sex to be dirty or even repulsive, some individuals do not consider enemas to be erotic in any fashion. However, depending on the way an enema is administered and the general motivation for the enema this opinion may vary.

For an enema to be considered to be erotic it must be sexually motivated or sexual in nature. Therefore this experience must be focused on pleasure and not pain. First I recommend that all individuals involved take a shower prior to this adventure, preferably together. The utilization of about two quarts of mild soothing tea, for the solution is a good place to start. A smattering of candles about the room, perhaps a bit of incense and some romantic music will assist in setting the mood. A good scented oil massage before hand will help relax the recipient and also help to set the mood.

Most of the time I recommend the recipient lying on his or her back with the knees bent and spread. This will give the individual delivering the enema complete access to all the interesting areas that will be explored during this little adventure. Depending on the preferences of each person, oral/anal stimulation is a great way of breaking the ice shall we say. For this experience flavored lubricants or oils may be just the things to make it enjoyable and interesting for both parties. Once the recipient is properly relaxed you may begin the enema, make sure that the container with the solution in it, is no more than 18 inches above the anus, too high may cause cramps. Also monitor the speed of the solution; if the solution is introduced too quickly it may make the recipient uncomfortable.

Once the flow of the solution has started, begin to caress the recipient, trace along sensitive areas with your nails, play with nipples even play with the genitals. In fact once you notice the sexual arousal begin to be apparent go ahead and masturbate the recipient or even use oral manipulation as a method to peak their interests. Make sure you time it just right, you want your partner to be on the verge of an orgasm just as you run out of solution.

At this point several things can happen, you can present yourself to the recipient for a little oral service, and not allow him or her to relieve themselves until you have had an orgasm. You can use that pent up sexual arousal, with the assistance of a well-timed butt plug, utilize your partner for some good old-fashioned sex. You may also choose to have the recipient expel the solution and proceed with anal sex, since the pathway is undoubtedly clean and available. Whichever fashion you choose, an enema can create a whole new arena of possibilities that may have previously been ignored.

Some interesting additions to this experience are flavored gels, for oral pleasure. The use of nipple clamps or clothespins to heighten the sensation is also a good idea.

If you want to make this experience even more interesting you can have a full fledge medical fantasy game going on. Complete with exam, temperature taking, and an enema just for good measure, many people have medical fantasies and this is a great area to explore… don’t forget to say, “turn your head and cough”, and of course “open wide…”.

Safety Issues

Now that we have discussed some of the different types of enemas lets get down to the real issue, safety. I wish to note some of the basic safety issues, some of which I have already mentioned previously, so bare with me.

The first thing to consider is the solution of choice, for an enema to be considered safe you must use a safe solution. I recommend herbal teas, or coffee, or prepared enema solutions that you can obtain from a medical supply store or pharmacy. If you use filtered or bottled water, remember to add a small amount of sea salt (about a tablespoon per 2 quarts). Also do not use tap water; the chemicals and chlorination in unfiltered tap water can kill the beneficial bacteria in your intestines. In addition the chemicals may irritate the colonic tissues and a small amount of the chemicals may end up in your blood stream. So use bottled or filtered water each time just to be on the safe side.

Do not use alcohol of any form for an enema, the alcohol will be absorbed directly into the blood stream and may cause alcohol poisoning, without you honestly knowing it. If you absolutely have to use alcohol, I would suggest wine, it is mild enough as not to be abrasive to your intestines and you still get the whole alcohol effect of a really good buzz.

Most people can take 1-3 quarts of liquid introduced into their intestines without any damage. More that that is questionable; however, as you get used to having an enema you will find that you are able to withstand more and more. Also the slower the fluid is introduced the larger volume that the recipient will be able to stand.

The temperature of the solution is also important:

Cold solution is 75-85 degrees, this is the temperature that is recommended to aid in lowering the body temperature of an individual with a fever.

Cool solution is 86-95 degrees, this is almost lukewarm and is the most common temperature used.

Warm solution is 100-108 degrees, this is slightly warmer and is more effective if you want something that is a little more difficult to retain.

Hot solution is 110-113 degrees, this temperature is still considered safe, provided that it is followed by one or two cooler enemas

Anything above 113 degrees may scald the colon and rectum and lead to unwanted damage, oh and no using an ice cube afterwards does not help, in fact it might lead to further damage. If you do end up with an internal burn seek out medical attention, if not you may be leaving yourself wide open for infection and permanent damage.

When impaling your recipient make sure you take your time, you do not wish to rupture the wall of the colon or tear the rectum, I recommend the use of either KY-Jelly or Vaseline as a lubricant; liquid soap may cause unwanted irritation.

When choosing a nozzle, choose wisely. Soft nozzles run less risk of doing damage to the hemorrhoids or anal fissures, the use of tubing instead is recommended for individuals that are already sensitive. Also a larger nozzle is better than a smaller nozzle since the smaller nozzle can more easily damage the anal area. The rectum can comfortably expand to one inch, and with patience and experience it can be expanded beyond that comfortably, keep this in mind when you choose a nozzle. Do not choose an inflatable nozzle unless you have plenty of experience and know what to expect.

Never share your equipment, no matter how well you clean your equipment there is still the possibility of microscopic bacteria that may be present. Disposable equipment or individual equipment is preferred when it comes to nozzles and tubing, you can share a bag or container but make sure to clean it properly after each use.

The next most important safety issue when taking enemas is to know a bit about the anatomy and physiology of the colon. The inner tissues of the colon are sensitive, highly absorptive and home to many microorganisms. Because of these factors, it is important to only use high quality solutions like Essential Oils for stimulation or therapeutic goals, to use 1 teaspoon of Celtic Sea Salt per quart of water to replenish electrolytes and to use Bifidonate to replenish your healthy intestinal flora after your enema series.

The frequency of taking enemas is also a question that does come up on occasion. How often can one take enemas and not disrupt the body’s natural flow, also can taking enemas too frequently make the body reliant on enemas to move the bowels. From the information I have found, you can take an enema once every 7 – 10 day with no ill effect.

Retaining an enema, if you use a very small amount, approximately 1 – 2 cups you will find retention is not an issue…unless the solution you use is too strong or two abrasive. Normally it is recommended to retain the enema for no more that 10 to 20 minutes at most, it is at this point that the fluids begin to be absorbed through the intestinal wall and into the body itself. The best way to decide how long to retain the enema is to let the body decide for you, when it becomes to painful or two difficult to retain then allow the solution to be expelled. Most people can comfortably retain for at least 10 minutes.

Expel all air from the nozzle and tubing prior to insertion, this will help make sure that there is less gas and less discomfort.

Keep the bag or container no more than 18 inches above the rectum, any higher and the solution will move too quickly and cause uncomfortable cramps.


There are several different positions that are recommended, each one with it’s own plusses and minuses. I would like to state that you should honestly try each position and see which one works for you.

Standing upright: This position does require you to hold the nozzle in place, unless you have an inflatable or plug style nozzle of course. However this position will allow you to take more fluid than any other position.

Lying on the back, knees flexed: This position is a favorite not only for the general comfort of the position but also for the accessibility to certain interesting areas when an individual is in this position.

Lying face down: This one is fine, but since the stomach and abdomen is pressed down it restricts the amount of fluids that can comfortably be accepted.

Lying on the side with knees bent: This position is frequently used in hospitals because the comfort level for the recipient, and the ease of access.

Knee/chest position: This position is great for playing while you are giving the enema, but due to gravity it does not allow an individual to hold the solution for any great length of time.

Sitting: This position will help hold in the nozzle and if you instruct the individual to play with them selves while you watch them take the enema it can lead to an amazing orgasm.


The addition of a ginger suppository prior to an enema will add quite a bit to the adventure. Ginger is an aphrodisiac and produces a slight burning sensation. Allow the ginger to do its job and as soon as you see that cute butt wiggling then proceed with the enema. The sexual tension is amazing; this process may lead to an orgasm during the intake of the fluids.

There is quite a bit more about enemas that I could write, and perhaps some day I shall. Until then I suggest that those interested in this amazing taboo to search out more information and explore.

As with everything this is my opinion, take what you will and leave the rest. If you wish to contact me, my email address is If you wish to see more of my work you may find a complete listing of all my writings at…. in the files section.
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