Instructional Articles

Can I Get That in Writing: Basics of Negotiations by Norische

Ice Play by Naia

Clips and Clamps by Unknown

Hair Bondage by Unknown

Sensuous Caning by Conrad Hodson

7 Steps to Easy Fisting by Unknown

Take Your Breath Away: Basics of Breath Play by Norische

A Hot Time In The Old Dungeon Tonight: The Basics of Figging by Norische

Jack the Ripper: Basics of Knife Play and Cutting by Norische

Mystique De Lavage: The Basics of Enemas by Norische

Like a Slap in the Face: Basics of Face Slapping by Norische

Standing on My Own Two Feet: Basics of Foot Torture by Norische

A Little Drool Never Hurt Anyone: Basics of Gags and Gagging by Norische

Get To The Point: Basics of Quilling (With Real Porcupine Quills) by Norische

Candlelight Moments: Basics of Wax Play by Norische

Afternoon Tea 1: An Experience in British Tea Service by Norische

Afternoon Tea 2: What will you serve, and how to serve it? by Norische

Afternoon Tea 3: Recipes: From Traditional to Exotic by Norische

Cock and Ball Torture by Ms. Star

Selecting Rope for Japanese Bondage by Unknown

Doing It Yourself by David Stein

Fireplay by Lady Gwyneth Rose

Hot Wax by Lady Gwyneth Rose

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