Author: Silent Intruder

It never ceases to amaze Me that sane, intelligent M/men and W/women seem to become mere children at the hands of a smooth-talking Dom/me (or sub)....putty to be molded and shaped and crafted into something other than T/they are, rather than unique I/individuals with T/their own traits and manners and values to be honoured and respected.

Too M/many feel T/themselves safe and secure behind the mask of the Monitor screen. Thinking T/themselves untouchable, scoffing at the concept that anything "real" could actually happen in a virtual environment. Then there are the O/ones that want, so desperately, to find S/someone and live "happily-ever-after" that T/they wear T/their hearts out on T/their sleeves, quick to trust and believe almost anything A/anyone might say after the first indication of interest.

These are the O/ones at greatest risk of falling prey to Predators and Manipulators, though, of course, T/they aren't the only O/ones.

Even the "savvy" Net-dweller that has been through the ringer a few times can find T/themselves suddenly caught-up in the whirl of emotions generated by the attentions of a skilled Predator as H/he/S/she hunts for fresh prey.

To be sure, the first Group is more easily "seduced" but, the latter Group serves as more of a thrill...the extra time and effort expended viewed as acceptable because the "prize" seen as a greater boost to the ego. The first Group becomes something of a "training ground", to hone the skills and perceptions enough to be able to look for bigger "game"...and, eventually, snag a better trophy to dangle on the shelf.

To be fair, S/some don't even realise T/they are Predators. T/they see S/someone that interests T/them and move to draw T/their interest. T/they actually believe that "This time, it's for real...I/i could spend M/my life with this O/one...."....not realising the thrill is in the hunt, the chase, the capture of the quarry, the trophy on the shelf...until the quarry succumbs and the "interest" suddenly begins to fade, boredom setting in, the E/eye wandering in search of a fresh challenge, another means to stimulate the rush of emotions that come with the thrill of capturing the elusive, untouchable prey.

Of course, ignorance does not absolve from guilt. The impact is the same whether the O/one is aware of what transpires or not. The O/one that IS aware may, indeed, be justifiably viewed as an even lower form of life but, to the O/one caught in the trap, it matters little if the trap laid-out on purpose or not. The jaws of the trap still bite fully to the bone.

The goal is not so much to determine which type of P/predator hunts. It's to learn how to spot the P/predator before finding Y/yourself caught in the trap, emotions churning out-of-control as the web grows tighter and tighter as Y/you are drawn ever deeper in.

So.....just how do Y/you spot a P/predator on the prowl?

It's not an easy task, since much of T/their mannerisms and words are so similar to the mannerisms and words of O/ones actually seeking long-term P/partners to journey with.

It takes time and effort and a constant awareness of what transpires, both when the O/one is with Y/you and when the O/one is interacting while apart from Y/you.

A bit of paranoia? Aye, it does sound like that but, given that the senses are restricted in virtuality, it becomes more difficult to properly gauge the truth behind the words when relying simply on the inflections and intonations tagged onto a written line or whispered over the phone. Even in "reality", W/we all-too-often make mistakes...believing what W/we want to see and making excuses or shrugging off that which doesn't fit.

But...what to look for? How to tell the words not quite sincere? How to determine if something is out-of-place?

Look for consistency.

Consistency in the words and emotions of the moment.....are the words heartfelt?....Is the talk deep and sincere but the emotions running on a far lighter plane? As an example....

Say there is a deep discussion going on in red and, suddenly an inadvertent, perhaps embarrassing, post slips to public eye. Since the post "obviously" wasn't meant for public consumption, some sort of apology is probably forthcoming. A consistent statement might beg apology and speak of deep embarrassment at having inadvertently dropped the post, with a tag-on indicating cheeks burning with shame, eyes pleading for forgiveness, or something similar. An inconsistent statement would beg the apology but, perhaps, carry a tag-on of a big grin or smile or a hearty laugh. The former statement in sync...the emotions matching the words...the latter statement out of sync, suggesting the post not exactly dropped innocently.

Consistency in the words and emotions from one meeting to the next. Do the words and actions match? Does He/She speak of wanting time with you but the time suddenly begins to be rationed out in smaller and smaller portions? Does He/She speak of wanting to be seen with Y/you but, always drags Y/you off to red so no O/one else actually sees much of the contact going on? Does He/She speak of love and affection today but, shunt Y/you aside tomorrow, only to speak the love again the next day?

Consistency in the words and emotions and actions while apart. Does the O/one show that Y/you are of primary importance while apart? Or does the O/one immerse in O/others...teasing and toying and playing with no thought or mention of involvement with Y/you? Does the O/one only appear when Y/you are there? If so, think on the likelihood of such chance timing always being in place...odds are, He/She has another Handle that Y/you are unaware of, suggesting that the words whispered are little more than just that....words...designed to induce a certain state of mind...designed to elicit a desired response...

Consistency....Does the O/one speak of wishing nothing more than F/friendship, while subtly inching towards more and more intimacy? Does the O/one speak of honouring Y/your current commitments to A/another, while moving ever closer and deeper in? Does the O/one speak of wanting, needing, loving only Y/you.....while spending most of the time T/together chatting with near E/everyone else but Y/you?

Look for consistency....the words, actions and emotions in balance. If one is out-of-place, something is amiss.

Too often W/we wish to give the benefit of the doubt, thinking that W/we need to place O/our trust and faith blindly in the O/ always take every word as gospel truth. The Predator relies on that...using it as a tool, a weapon, to guilt Y/you into accepting the little discrepancies that creep up on the side to flash the warning before Y/your eyes. some point in time, trust needs to be given freely but, in the initial stages, it needs to be earned. Then it can be given freely at a later time...once the B/bond in place. Better to err on the side of caution than to find Y/yourself mounted on a trophy mantle.
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